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Walther PPQ-M2 Long Barrelled Pistol

Walther PPQ This revolutionary semi-auto pistol supplied by this iconic manufacturer is based on the full size 9mm striker fire polymer lower safe trigger pistol […]
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.410″ Baikal single barrel

.410″ Baikal single barrel N/E shotgun. This gun is chambered 3″/76mm. Therefore it can handle the whole range of .410″ cartridges, making it a very […]
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BRNO 243

This is as can be seen a great condition 243 rifle and only £150
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Mossberg M.V.P.

This is in fantastic condition with very little signs of use if any grab a bargain scope not included
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Howa 1500 308

This has only fired 25 rounds but is being sold as second hand and not ex demo the guy that bought it used it the […]
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Remington 700 Tactical

This is probably one of the cheapest on the web for sale in this condition and it is threaded for a mod Target or vermin […]
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Howa 1500 22/250

This is a fantastic rifle made by Howa with the latest machinery, it is threaded for a moderator if bought together i could inc a […]
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SMK XS79 C02-88

.22 SMK XS79 C02-88 air rifle single-shot bolt action rifle, 88 gram cylinder power source (velocity up to approx 600 fps) adapter included. Disposable 88 […]
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Marlin Colden 39a

This is a much sought after firearm that works well with all the different 22 ammo i have tried and is great for both target […]
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Theoben Rapid 12 F.A.C.

This is a full 35ft/lb rifle with scope and sound mode, It has the expended barrell which if fussy could do with a reblue, it […]
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Winchester Original 1873 rifle

This is an original Winchester and as it is an 1873 model probably helped win the west? as it is a 38/40 calibre in can […]
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Theoben Rapid 7 F.A.C.

This is a great rapid 7 and was pushing 33ft/lbs when last tested it does seem to have a slight leak so i would recommend […]
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B.S.A. Martini Custom one off

ultimate accuracy in this shortened and sporterised rifle and ieal for target and in the car for vermin screw cut and deadly accurate INCLUDES MATCHING […]
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