A Gen 3 Day/Night sight very rare


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Sale TypeTrade
CountyIsle of Wight
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionSouth East
Phone Number07842001006

This is a 5x Gen 3 night vision scope that with the turn of a knob can be used in the day as an ordinary 5x day scope, it is amazing, and being gen 3 has at least a 10,000 hour life span so will outlive you and your kids!
It does have a built in ir, which for eye reflection you need to use but for longer ranges a separate ir would be preferable
This is great if you have used gen 1 it is unbelievable in comparison and gen 2 well why bother
The gen 3s last so long because they have built in safety that cant be put in the other gen 1s and 2s, that is if too much light is pointed at the gen 3 it shuts down this is what gives it its long life other night vision is i am told limited to a max 500 hours but you will have to google this to see for your self
I may be open to a trade in on this for a shotgun/rifle or air rifle try me

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