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Winchester 1904 22 (kids gun)

This is an American gun that was commonly bought for kids to go out cotton tailing and generally having fun
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B.S.A. Sportsman

can you get a cheaper more accurate rifle for target or rabbits?
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B.R.N.O. 22 Semi-auto

This is a very cheap semi auto, and it is able to shoot any type of 22 ammo it seems as it has a very […]
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Anschutz L/H Supermatch 1913

This as can be seen from the pics includes everything you need to go to the range and punch holes it is with sights etc […]
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Marlin Golden 39a

This is a much sought after firearm that works well with all the different 22 ammo i have tried and is great for both target […]
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Winchester Original 1873 rifle

This is an original Winchester and as it is an 1873 model probably helped win the west? as it is a 38/40 calibre in can […]
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Howa 1500 22/250

This is a fantastic rifle made by Howa with the latest machinery, it is threaded for a moderator if bought together i could inc a […]
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B.S.A. Martini Custom one off

ultimate accuracy in this shortened and sporterised rifle and ieal for target and in the car for vermin screw cut and deadly accurate INCLUDES MATCHING […]
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Remington 597

This is like new but has been fired 50 times only so a big saving
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.308″W Baikal Single Shot break Rifle
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.17 HMR CZ ZKM452 Varmint Bolt Action Rifle with Walnut Stock, 16″ Heavy Screwcut Barrel and Supplied with a Sorroco Sound Moderator.
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Norinco 101801 Synthetic Stock

.22″ LR 101801 Norinco bolt action rifle, patterned after the CZ and Brno rifles of the same calibre.These rifles are fitted with adult-sized stocks (like […]
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Norinco 81644

.22″ LR 81644 Norinco improved Winchester design under lever rifle,receiver dovetailed for scope mounts, full-sized hard wood stock, easily takes down, by removing one screw […]
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