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Country Shooting was created in January, 2017, originally as a free information and directory site. Not too long after that, Facebook banned all private sales of firearms off of their site, and immediately began to close down these buy and sell groups. It has been more apparent now than ever that law abiding gun owners in The uk need to have a website for buying and selling new and used guns that is owned by someone who is a firearms enthusiast. Also a site which is dedicated as a purpose built site, which cannot be removed from outside sources like, Facebook, or any other social media sites.

Since then, Country Shooting has constantly been evolving to become the best built classified ads website out there. The mission is to bring back local face to face private sales, like they once were when people used to use classified ads in the local newspaper. Thus creating stronger unification amongst the firearms and hunting enthusiasts in the UK, at a local level, and across the nation. Also to enjoy the many other benefits of the face to face buy and sell approach. is dedicated to providing free local gun classifieds to enthusiasts who would like to buy or sell their firearms face-to-face with other gun enthusiasts in their area.
Posting gun classifieds at Country Shooting is absolutely free with no fees attached, and it is our mission to keep it this way. We plan to keep Country Shooting running through user donations and, eventually, through the sale of limited, non-obtrusive ad space. Please support us by posting gun classifieds, responding to gun listings, telling your friends about Country Shooting, and donating. If you would like any  further information please contact us from are Contact us page.

DSCF0882 3
Hampshire9mmNewBrake Barrel

No3 / 9mm Flobert Garden Gun, Single 25.5″ Barrel, External Hammer, Foldable Shotgun. Ideal and intended for shooting vermin in outbuildings and gardens at restricted […]

1911 image without red dot
Greater LondonNewSemi-Auto

Walther Colt 1911 Gold Cup Long Barrelled Pistol The Colt Gold Cup is the competition configuration of the legendary Colt 1911 handgun. It includes a […]

long barrel_2
Greater London
.22 LRNewSemi-Auto

Walther PPQ This revolutionary semi-auto pistol supplied by this iconic manufacturer is based on the full size 9mm striker fire polymer lower safe trigger pistol […]

CMMG Mutant T MK47 3
Greater London
7.62x39NewStraight Pull

Brand New CMMG Mk47 T, 7.62 x 39mm, SBN, MUTANT straight pull rifle (NO GAS PORT) The Mk47 MUTANT combines the accuracy and modularity of […]

DSCF0869 2
Hampshire.22NewBrake Barrel

.22″ Remington Tyrant XGP ( New Model Just Arrived ) with Gas Piston Power Plant, Break Barrel Air Rifle. This rifle has an ambiddextrous durable […]

DSCF0959 3
Hampshire410 gaugeNewSide By Side

410″ Baikal side by side as above, non ejector version

Hampshire410 gaugeNewBrake Barrel

.410″ Baikal single barrel N/E shotgun. This gun is chambered 3″/76mm. Therefore it can handle the whole range of .410″ cartridges, making it a very […]

101 243 5


BRNO 243

Isle of Wight
.243UsedBolt Action

This is as can be seen a great condition 243 rifle and only £150

99f1brno 4


B.R.N.O. Walnut?

Isle of Wight
.22UsedBolt Action

Is this the best ever stock you have seen on a brno rifle gotta be a grade 5 if it was a shotgun!! this is […]

97f mart 4
Isle of Wight

As can be seen in the photos this is a very good condition rifle and a great target rifle it comes with a few bits […]

85fac223 4


Mossberg M.V.P.

Isle of Wight
.223UsedBolt Action

This is in fantastic condition with very little signs of use if any grab a bargain scope not included


Howa 1500 308

Isle of Wight
.308UsedBolt Action

This has only fired 25 rounds but is being sold as second hand and not ex demo the guy that bought it used it the […]

84 rem 7 0 4
Isle of Wight
.223UsedBolt Action

This is probably one of the cheapest on the web for sale in this condition and it is threaded for a mod Target or vermin […]

58 fac 5


Howa 1500 22/250

Isle of Wight.22-250UsedBolt Action

This is a fantastic rifle made by Howa with the latest machinery, it is threaded for a moderator if bought together i could inc a […]



SMK XS79 C02-88


.22 SMK XS79 C02-88 air rifle single-shot bolt action rifle, 88 gram cylinder power source (velocity up to approx 600 fps) adapter included. Disposable 88 […]

30fac 4
Isle of Wight
.22UsedLever Action

This is a much sought after firearm that works well with all the different 22 ammo i have tried and is great for both target […]

themk2 4
Isle of Wight.22UsedBolt Action

This is a full 35ft/lb rifle with scope and sound mode, It has the expended barrell which if fussy could do with a reblue, it […]

24 fac 1 5
Isle of Wight
.38-40UsedLever Action

This is an original Winchester and as it is an 1873 model probably helped win the west? as it is a 38/40 calibre in can […]

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